Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Throwback Review: Blade: Trinity...Blade 3...or All Ryan Reynolds' Fault

Here is the very first review I wrote.  It appears here unaltered.  Wow...where is that new material promised?  It's on its way!  In the meantime enjoy this Blade Trinity review!

Well...I've seen Blade: Trinity twice now. My first impressions were that it was the weakest of the Blade films. I stand by that. It is the weakest of the Blade films. There is too much wrong with it.

The first thing is Ryan Reynolds. I've read reviews where they say he steals the show. How about...he sinks the ship! Wesley Snipes still dominates the screen as Blade and no weasely, little wisecracking, idiot boy can take that from him! That's almost like saying..."Ron Howard stole every scene from John Wayne in the Shootist!" Ryan Reynolds tries to crack jokes all through the film. They all fall flat. They're not funny and, I think, inappropriate in a Blade movie. I wanted Blade to either, chop off his head, or let him hold his sword.

The next thing is Dracula. They just call him Drake. Why is it, it seems, that every vampire movie now wants Dracula to be the first vampire? The fellow that played Drake was ok...he didn't leave an impression...he was just there. Not a good thing for a bad-ass vampire. I think he should have taken charge...and yes killed all the wiener vampires surrounding him. Drake is supposed to be the most powerful vampire...fooled me! I should mention that Drake went into hibernation. They woke him up to kill Blade. Drake didn't seem to care about Blade...or the other vampires...either way. He seemed to want to go back into hibernation. He should have.

The last thing is David Goyer. Yes he is the director. Also, he is the writer of all three Blade films. I liked the first two very much...this third one is disappointing. I hope it is due to Goyer's inexperience as a director. I think he is a very good writer. I hope he grows into a better director over the years. The action scenes were well staged. I think Goyer just needs more directing under his belt.

Well...I really wanted to like Blade 3 more. I even watched it twice to see if I my first impression was wrong. It's sad that this will be Wesley Snipes' last outing as Blade. It should have ended stronger. The scary thing is, there is talk of a movie featuring the Nightstalkers from this film. I hope Ryan Reynolds is not cast as Hannibal King again. He is just not right for the part. Blade 3 was better than Underworld and Van Helsing(two of the worst vampire films to hit the big screen!) that still is not saying much. I still think you should go see Blade 3 for yourself. Who may think I'm insane(which I don't pretend not to be!) or you may think I'm right on...either way go see it for yourself as Blade rides off into the sunrise.

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